Upcoming Public Events at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Aside from the events Spruce Mountain Ranch normally hosts, including weddings, corporate events, and proms, we have decided to hold a few public events: anyone is welcome to attend these! We look forward to seeing many new faces enjoying the beauty of Spruce Mountain in a fun, party atmosphere! Be sure to read all about these upcoming events and book tickets while they are still available! All of these public events are fundraising events for Mount Saint Vincent, a treatment center for abused and neglected children.

Brunch with Santa:


Anyone who is interested in this event is welcome to attend!


What better way to ring in the holidays than a brunch with Santa Clause? Santa, a real-bearded professional from a training school in Denver, has years of experience as Santa at the Broodmoor Hotel. The ranch is very excited to have him visit our property and meet our guests! He will arrive about thirty minutes into the brunch. Guests will arrive at the ranch, where they will be directed into the Colorado Room, themed as the North Pole, to meet Santa. After having Carrie King, a talented event photographer, takes professional pictures with Santa, guests will then head into Albert’s Lodge. Catering by Design will prepare and serve a delicious brunch in the Christmas-themed room. Crafts and activities for the children will be provided at this time. Once pictures with Santa are taken and brunch is eaten, guests will then be able to take hay rides around the ranch, in addition to participating in other fun, holiday activities. We at Spruce Mountain Ranch look forward to beginning a very merry holiday season with this event, and hope to see many faces, new and old, in attendance!


Brunch with Santa will take place on December 12th! Two times are available for this event: 10:30-12:30 and 12:30-2:30. To purchase tickets, please visit http://smrsantabrunch.eventbrite.com

Valentine’s Fireside Dinner for Two:


This dinner is open to the public, but Spruce Mountain will also be inviting all of our former couples to rekindle their love at the place where their new life together began!


This event is a romantic, fireside Valentine’s dinner for two. Dinner will be served at intimate tables for two in Albert’s Lodge. In addition to dinner, there will also be beer and wine service. After eating, couples will take fun, romantic pictures in the photo booth. Finally, after-dinner drinks and desserts will be served in the Colorado Room. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is included with this festive event.


This romantic dinner event will take place on the evening of February 14th. Tickets, $150 per couple, go on sale January 1st!

Easter Brunch:


All are welcome to attend this special Easter event!


This fun, family-friendly event will begin with a scrumptious brunch. After eating, there will be an exciting egg hunt around the ranch for children, while adults enjoy a mimosa bar. Families may also enjoy hay rides around the stunning property and have professional family pictures taken. Guests should remember to come dressed in their Sunday best!


This event will take place on the morning of March 27th. Tickets, $25 for adults and $20 for children (children under 2 are free), for this brunch go on sale February 1st!

**To subscribe to the mailing list or to get more information about these upcoming events, email Erin Mondragon: emondragon@sprucemountainranch.com.

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Spruce Mountain Ranch: “Guestiquette Blog”

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we want everyone who visits our beautiful property to feel right at home. In order to make wedding guests feel at ease from the moment they enter the front gate, we have written a special “guestiquette” version of our blog, which includes advice on how to prepare for a fun event at the ranch.

Tips for guests attending an event at Spruce Mountain:

  1. Before arriving, make sure to print out directions early, plug in the address to the GPS, and pay attention to the chalkboard sign at the entrance of the property, which will be directing you to the appropriate venue/event (Upper Ranch-Ponderosa, or Lower Ranch-Albert’s Lodge).
  2. Aim to arrive on the property 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. This will allow for enough time to park, find a seat, and get settled before the bride’s grand entrance.
  3. Plan ahead.  There are no restrooms at the outdoor ceremony sites.
  4. Be prepared to walk to the ceremony site and to be outdoors for a portion of the event— plan to bring whatever you need to make an outdoor experience pleasurable (comfortable shoes to walk in, an umbrella in case of rain, sunglasses, some allergy medicine, a jacket, etc.)
  5. If you are a guest that is unable to walk to the ceremony, please arrange to be driven directly to the site by another guest, who must then return their car to the designated parking area.
  6. Wait to reserve your seat in the reception venue until you are instructed into the space. A lot of work goes into preparing the table settings, and most of the time, photographers need to photograph the finished room during cocktail hour. Reserving your seat by placing items on the table, shifting chairs, moving napkins, etc. makes it difficult to photograph and maintain the element of surprise and sense of “awe” when other guests make their way in as instructed.
  7. The ranch is a functioning cattle ranch with continuous, onsite cattle operations. In order for the cattlemen to keep running their part of the ranch, and in order for all guests to remain safe, please stay in the ceremony and reception areas, and do not wander into the cattle pastures or barns.
  8. If you have small children, they must be supervised at all times in order to ensure their safety. Also, please note that high chairs are not provided by Spruce Mountain.
  9. Note that there is limited cell service at Spruce Mountain, so plan to make important phone calls and text messages before arriving on the property. In case of emergency, there is an office phone that may be used.
  10. Please understand that guests may not possess or use marijuana on Spruce Mountain Ranch property. In the event that guests break this rule, the wedding may have to end early.
  11. Due to the high fire danger of this area, please smoke only in designated smoking areas, and extinguish cigarettes in the provided receptacles.  Throwing cigarette butts into the grassy areas will start a fire.
  12. Guests who plan on drinking alcoholic beverages should remember to bring their IDs. Guests will be carded.
  13. No vehicles may be left overnight at Spruce Mountain. The property is gated, and if a car is left overnight, a guest may not be able to get in the next morning to retrieve it.
  14. Remember to drink a lot of water! Spruce Mountain Ranch is located at approximately 7,500 feet above sea level, and guests may easily become dehydrated, especially when consuming alcohol. Staying hydrated goes a long way to make a guest’s experience more pleasant.
  15. Bring a smile! This event is full of excitement and joy- don’t forget to share in the happiness!

Spruce Mountain Ranch’s Guide to Wedding Invitations:

Sending out invitations for a wedding requires a lot of thought and planning, as well as numerous questions: What kind of stationary is the best? When should invitations be sent to guests? How should the wording on the envelope be phrased? These are only a few of the quandaries that brides find themselves in as they prepare to invite guests. Thankfully, Ann Marlin of Cloud 9 Weddings and Papers was generous enough to answer all of these questions, and more, in this special “invitation edition” of our blog!

Planning Enough Time-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: How far in advance should a couple send out invitations?

Ann Marlin: Couples should send their invitations at least eight weeks in advance, although I suggest sending them ten weeks in advance when the majority of the guests are from another state.

Spruce Mountain Ranch: How far in advance of the wedding should the couple ask for a reply by?

Ann Marlin: One month is sufficient, as it gives the couple plenty of time to reach out to guests that have not yet responded. This also allows time for the couple to send in their final numbers for catering, florals, and rentals.

Preparing Invitations-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: Should formal titles be used in writing the invitation, or are they not required?

Ann Marlin: It depends on the level of formality of the wedding and the couple. For the most part, I am still seeing formal titles being used on both the invitation and the invitation envelope.

Spruce Mountain Ranch: Are RSVP cards necessary to include in the envelope, or is an online RSVP sufficient?

Ann Marlin: I suggest using an RSVP card, as there is still a demographic of guests that do not regularly use a computer and instead prefer to mail in an RSVP.

Perfecting the Presentation-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: What do you suggest for creating the perfect wedding invitations?

Ann Marlin: The perfect wedding invitations truly reflect the personalities of the couple and exude the overall style and formality level of the wedding. They set the tone for the wedding, so I encourage and assist couples with building an invitation suite that mirrors the overall aesthetic of their big day!

Spruce Mountain Ranch:Is there a certain way that invitations should look (i.e. specific kinds of paper)?

Ann Marlin: There is not necessarily a certain way invitations need to look, but they should be well thought-through. This means taking into account the couple, their wedding style, and a cohesive look for all the pieces of the big day. I have so much fun with the wedding invitation process, and I love it when couples like to use different textures of paper, fun artwork, and shapes to make their invitations truly unique.

Avoiding Uncomfortable Situations-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: What are some invitation mishaps to avoid?

Ann Marlin: Procrastination in either ordering or mailing the invitations is a major mishap, as this can incur rush charges on ordering them, or it can require a quick turnaround for guests to send in their RSVP cards.

Spruce Mountain Ranch: How can a couple politely indicate whether or not children are invited to the wedding?

Ann Marlin: I suggest using a separate enclosure card that can list additional wedding details, such as the website. This card will usually indicate in a footnote that it is an adult-only event.

Spruce Mountain Ranch: If plus ones are not invited, what is the best way to indicate that to guests?

Ann Marlin: It is indicated on the mailing envelope who the invitation in intended for. This is the recipients name (i.e. Mr. John Smith). However, we find that guests sometime overlook this, and will still RSVP for two.

Preparing Guests-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: How should a couple prepare the guests for reception activities or other things they should keep in mind (For example, Spruce Mountain is a cattle ranch with lots of allergens, and guests commonly have to walk to the ceremony site. How does a couple indicate to guests to wear comfortable shoes and bring allergy medicine?)

Ann Marlin: This would be the perfect time to use an enclosure card that can list those items (allergy medicine and comfortable shoes), as well as mention that cellular service is limited at the ranch. I am currently printing invitations for a Spruce Mountain Ranch bride that say Boots are encouraged, but please leave the denim at home. Sweet reminders such as this can help guests plan ahead.

Final Words of Wisdom-

Spruce Mountain Ranch: What other advice do you have for couples in the invitation process?

Ann Marlin: I recommend having fun! Couples should allow enough time so they do not feel rushed. Also, I advise using the same style and colors from the wedding invitations in the day-of paper items, such as programs, escort cards, menus, and napkins. Carrying this theme through the day, and even the thank-you notes, will help the products seem even more consistent.

**Thank you to Ann Marlin of Cloud 9 Weddings and Papers for her expert advice! To contact Ann about planning or invitation services, reference the contact information below:

Phone: 720-570-1168

Website: www.cloud9bliss.com

Blog: www.cloud9bliss.com/blog

Spruce Mountain Ranch Elopement Package

Spruce Mountain Ranch is pleased to announce that we have a new on-site wedding package! For the couples looking for a quiet, simple affair, our Elopement Package is a wonderful option! Thus, we present our latest venue:

1. What timeslot would a wedding using the Elopement Package be scheduled for?

- Elopement Packages have a two hour time block that is usually scheduled from 10:00am-12:00pm.

2. Is there a specific day to schedule on?

- Elopement packages can be scheduled for any day of the week!

3. Where on the ranch does the Elopement Package wedding take place?

- Both the ceremony and the reception take place at Lakeview Terrace, a beautiful pavilion by Angus Lake that is perfect for intimate weddings. During Winter months, the Colorado Room is available for an indoor ceremony and reception.

4. Do tables and chairs need to be rented?

- All of the tables and chairs for this space, both for the ceremony and the reception, are included in the cost of the package.

5. Will caterers and bartenders be present?

- Caterers and bartenders will not be present for Elopement Package weddings; however, a two-tier cake and a champagne toast will be provided in the package for the reception following the ceremony.

6. How many guests can this venue support?

- The Elopement Package can accommodate up to 40 guests. If this number is exceeded, there will be an additional, per-guest charge.

7. Are flowers included?

- This package includes flowers for both the bride and groom. Flowers to decorate the two-tier cake are also provided.

8. How much time in advance of the wedding is necessary to book the Elopement Package?

- Couples can book their wedding at any time!

“Timing is Everything” Wedding Timelines at Spruce Mountain Ranch

The common saying that “timing is everything” is never as true as it is on your wedding day, one of the most significant days of all. Because of the important role that timing events correctly plays on this special day, we asked Sarah Viera, one of Spruce Mountain Ranch’s favorite wedding planners, to offer some advice to brides about planning their timeline specifically for the ranch.

1. What is the timeline based around?

- Sarah Viera’s excellent assistant coordinator Maggie Wood answers simply that “we usually base a timeline off of ceremony time,” which at Spruce Mountain Ranch, is typically scheduled for 4:30.

2. How much buffer should be allowed in the schedule in case the wedding is running late?

- Maggie answers that “I wouldn’t say we buffer a schedule necessarily. We typically allot 30 minutes for ceremony (even though most only run 10-20 minutes). We usually allow 1-1.5 hours of cocktail hour— any longer, and guests tend to get bored. Then, the reception follows and typically lasts 4.5 to 6 hours.”

3. How much time is needed for each major chunk of the wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception)?

- As I said before, the ceremony usually is scheduled for 30 minutes, the cocktail hour for 1-1.5 hours, and the reception 4.5-6 hours. These times are dependent upon the start times of the wedding and the day of the week. For example, a ceremony on a Saturday night that takes place at 3:30 will end at 4:00. Cocktail hour will be from 4:00-5:00, and the reception from 5:00 until 11:00. However, a ceremony on a Sunday might begin at 4:30 and end at 5:00, with cocktail hour from 5:00-6:00. Then, the reception might end between 9:30 and10:00 because it’s a Sunday.”

4. How far in advance should the timeline be made to ensure the day actually follows it?

- “I would say that Sarah likes having the majority of the details nailed down by the 30-day walk through. Then, there is near-constant communication between planner and bride during the week leading up to the wedding to make sure that everything is scheduled appropriately with any last-minute changes. Sarah is super flexible and will change things the day before at the rehearsal as per the bride’s wishes.”

5. What else should brides know about making a day-of timeline for their wedding?

- Maggie explains that “brides should definitely schedule themselves more time in the morning while they’re getting ready, because it’s better to be ready and waiting to get picked up to go to the venue than it is to be rushing around trying to finish everyone’s hair and make-up while the limo sits waiting.

- Also, I would argue that an extra 5-10 minutes should be scheduled for photos either before or after ceremony. That way, the photographer has time to accomplish what the bride and groom want, as well as time to use their creative license. If the bride and groom get done early, they can join cocktail hour or take a few minutes to themselves prior to being announced at the reception.

- Finally, some extra travel time should be factored in to deal with traffic, just in case.”

6. How many weddings have you done at Spruce Mountain?

- She guesstimates that “Sarah does roughly 60-75% of her total annual weddings at Spruce Mountain Ranch.”

7. Can you offer any suggestions about how the different timelines run on different onsite venues?

- Maggie explains to brides that “Essentially, all of Sarah’s timelines run the same, regardless of ceremony site with 30 minutes for the ceremony, 1-1.5 hours for the cocktail hour, and then the reception to follow until it’s time to begin strike (the hour of cleanup at the end of the night).

- Hotel buses (such as ones from the Inverness) will do a pick up at 9 or 9:30 and then one at 10:30 or 11:00 depending on the timeline of the day.

- Usually, a send-off is scheduled for 10:50/10:55 (sometimes it is slightly earlier, depending on how long the photographer is contracted for).

- Vendors usually arrive at 1pm (11:30/12:00pm at Ponderosa because that usually means we have a guest count of 250+, and that takes a little extra time to prepare for).

- The bride and groom usually arrive at the venue 2 hours prior to the ceremony time to finish getting ready and to do some pre-ceremony photos.”

From a Florist’s Perspective: Floral Décor at Spruce Mountain Ranch

We at Spruce Mountain Ranch love to see our venue decorated with beautiful flowers. Different floral arrangements have the power to change the way that a space looks and to change the look of a wedding— we love that! Because flowers add so much to the décor of a wedding, we have asked two of our favorite florists to answer a few questions for the special “florist’s edition” of our wedding blog!

The Garden Path:

(303) 688-8019


*Pictures from the Garden Path’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheGardenPathCo/timeline)-

**Karen Novotny, owner of The Garden Path, has lots of insight about the life of a florist, as she has been in the business since 1982!

Favorite thing:

We asked Karen what her favorite thing about being a florist is, and she responded that “The very best thing about what I do is making a bride’s dream become a reality. The time spent listening to her [the bride] and talking about what this day means to her drives all my creativity as a florist.”

What flowers add:

When asked “What, in your opinion, do you think flowers add to a wedding or event?” Karen shared that “At a location like Spruce Mountain Ranch, flowers can define the season. They can also bring sentimental touches to the day that a bride will take with her in both photos and memories.”

Advice to brides:

“What should brides keep in mind when choosing their flowers?” we asked. Karen answered that it is very important for brides to be clear about what they want, and to know that their florist will listen. She explained that “as a floral designer, I am a listener. When I listen, then I can advise on the cost of flowers, and the possibilities for different arrangements. Some brides are more visual, and some are willing to give a designer room to create— learning which brides fall into which categories all takes place through listening and discussion.”

Something to keep in mind:

In answer to the question “What else should brides know about choosing their flowers?” she explained that it is very important that people not feel limited in their choices because they aren’t sure if their dream can be made a reality. Karen shared simply that “today, almost anything is possible.”

Blog feature:

Karen’s beautiful flowers were featured recently on the Ruffled Blog. To see the showcased photo gallery, click the following link: http://ruffledblog.com/romantic-wedding-at-spruce-mountain-ranch/

*Pictures from the Garden Path’s display at Spruce Mountain Ranch’s January bridal show, Wine and Nosh-

The Newberry Brothers:

(303) 322-0443


*Pictures from the Newberry Brothers’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NewberryBrothers)-

**Myisha from the Newberry Brothers has excellent tips for brides choosing flowers, as well as advice about current floral trends.

Favorite thing:

We asked Myisha about her favorite part of working in the floral industry, and she shared that in general, “the variety I get to do is my favorite.” Myisha went on to explain that the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of clients, each with their unique styles and desires for flowers, is very special to her.

What flowers add:

When we asked her what she thinks flowers add to an event, she said that “flowers set the mood,” and that “they tell the guests the feeling that the couple wants for them to feel.” For example, the bride and groom may want to set a very formal tone with elaborate displays, or they may want a casual feeling with simpler flower— the arrangements can make that statement.

Advice to brides:

In response to the question “What should brides keep in mind when choosing their flowers?” she answered that the two most important things are “to be realistic about the floral budget, and to be up front with your florist about your expectations.” It’s easier to be clear about the desired result when a bride has a narrowed down style, or a general idea of what she wants. However, she encourages openness to suggestions. Essentially, Myisha encourages brides to “Communicate inspiration— this helps your flowers to be more unique and personal.”

How to fit with the ranch:

Her advice to brides about choosing flowers to fit with Spruce Mountain Ranch’s atmosphere is simply to “pick what you want- they don’t have to be traditional ‘ranch’ or ‘country’ flowers.” Myisha explains that a wide variety of floral arrangements will look stunning at the ranch, and by adding in organic elements, such as lotus pods and sweet succulents, almost any types of flowers will be a perfect fit.

Current trend:

“What is the biggest floral trend this summer?” we asked. Myisha answered that “white, ivory, and champagne flowers paired with strong, contrasting colors is a really big trend right now. For example, a champagne arrangement with a few pops of burgundy or other jewel tones.”

*Pictures from the Newberry Brothers’ display at Spruce Mountain Ranch’s January bridal show, Wine and Nosh

**A warm “thank you” to the Garden Path and Newberry Brothers for taking the time to answer our questions! Spruce Mountain Ranch loves both of these talented florists— we hope that brides searching for a florist will consider both of these excellent choices!

Meet the Managers 2015

At Spruce Mountain Ranch, there is a property manager present at every event that takes place, whether it be a wedding, prom, or corporate event. They help the event in a variety of ways: they manage the vendors; make sure that the property, people, and animals (Spruce Mountain cattle) are secure; and they ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. While they are not a replacement for an event coordinator, they are happy to help make events as special as they can! Because there is at least one property manager at each Spruce Mountain event, it is helpful for brides, clients, and event planners to have a brief introduction to the managers so that they know who will be there to assist them on their big days. With that, we at Spruce Mountain Ranch present our “Meet the Managers: 2015!”

Anastacia Catallo:

Anna is studying event management at Metropolitan State University— she wishes to become a wedding planner or event coordinator. Aside from aspiring to work in the field of event management, Anna hopes to travel to Europe! She is full of passions and seeks to love every area of her life, including work and school. What does she love about the ranch? Anna shares that “What is so special to me about Spruce Mountain is the fact that my dad is the builder there, and that I get to see his beautiful work every day that I am at work.” What should brides know about her? She shares that “I am the owner of Anna’s Custom Pews and would love for all the brides to go check us out on Facebook! I am also a day-of wedding planner and would love to help plan your special day! Please contact me at annascustompews@hotmail.com!”

Erin Mondragon:

Erin attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and studied Special Education. She explains that “I was an Early Education teacher and also worked for 3 private schools in Denver as a Curriculum Director, and then moved into marketing there before working at Spruce Mountain Ranch.” Erin shares about herself that “I love learning new things and acquiring new skills. I hope to always be learning and bettering myself. I also hope one day to travel to every continent.” Why is the ranch special to her? Erin shares that “I was married to the love of my life at Spruce Mountain September 2011. I’m also a small-town Colorado country girl and the ranch feels like and reminds me of home!” She started working for the ranch in October of 2013 and works in Spruce Mountain Marketing in addition to working as a property manager. She shares with brides that “I can’t wait to meet you and help to make your wedding day a dream come true!”

Micah Radakovich:

Micah is currently attending the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to get her degree in English Rhetoric and Writing. She hopes to continue her education by attending graduate school, and eventually, teaching English at the college level. Micah has been working at the ranch since July of 2013 as both a property manager and wedding blogger. She loves not only being able to assist clients during events, but also to write about the beautiful weddings and fabulous corporate events later on in the Spruce Mountain Ranch blog! Why is the ranch special to her? She shares that “It is such a privilege to work at the beautiful place that is Spruce Mountain Ranch!” What does she want brides to know? Micah explains that “This is your big day! I will do everything I can to make your day stress-free and perfect!”

Jennifer Haar:

Jen “graduated from Michigan State University with a triple Major in Elementary Education, Child Development, and Language Arts. [She] then got my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.” She is currently a 1st-grade teacher and runs a small wedding coordination business on the side. What does she love? Jen shares that “I love planning events. That sounds like a weird ‘interest’, I guess, but it’s true. I love putting on weddings, auctions and any other event that makes people have fun and be happy!” Why is the ranch special to her? Jen shares that “The second I drove onto the property, I knew that it was something very special…I am so happy to be a part of this amazing group in this amazing place!” What should brides know about her? Jen says that “I love being a small part of any event that brings people together!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your event special!”

Jennifer Sasser:

Jen is practically a Colorado native, but her roots come from Topsail Island, North Carolina. She received her Bachelors degree in Photojournalism from Metropolitan State University, and used that to travel across Eastern Europe. She has a passion for creating relationships with people and telling their stories through photographs. Why is the ranch special to her? In addition to being close with the Ames family and having the ranch be a place where she can be with this wonderful family, Jen shares that “I feel blessed to work at Spruce Mountain Ranch with a wonderful team and to share in such wonderful moments with our clients.” What should brides know about her? Jen will go above and beyond to make any event perfect!

Skyeler Sheveland:

Skyeler is the newest property manager here at Spruce Mountain Ranch. She is very excited to be working in such a beautiful and friendly environment for her first wedding season! Skyeler shares that “I have lived here in Colorado Springs for 19 years and I love the great outdoors!” Skyeler loves hiking and being outside, so working at such a beautiful outdoor venue is the perfect fit for her! Skyeler shares of her education that “I am currently going to school at Pikes Peak Community College for business management and/or accounting.” Why is the ranch special to her? Not only does she love the outdoors, but Skyeler is also very excited to get more involved in the wedding industry through this beautiful venue! What should brides know about her? Skyeler shares that “I look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to ask me for anything!”

Chance Morelock:

Chance is currently studying business at The University of Denver— he aspires to be an entrepreneur and to one day own his own business. When he is not studying, he loves spending time with his family. Chance also enjoys golf, fishing, basketball, and football. Because of his love for and participation in sports, Chance feels that through learning to work with a team, he is prepared to work in the wedding industry. He shares that “Being an athlete for most of my life has prepared me to work as a team. I have a clear understanding that not one person wins a game— it is the team, working together, that accomplishes the goal.” In addition to being an athlete and student, Chance worked at Cherry Hills Country Club in their hospitality department, and was trained on how to deliver a first class experience to guests. He has also been involved at Spruce Mountain for the past 5 years, working in grounds keeping and security. After gaining all of this experience, Chance looks forward to achieving seamless events and supporting our guests and vendors through working as a property manager!

Top 10 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

The ceremony has ended, the cake has been cut, and the guests have danced the night away. It is now the magical part of the evening where the bride and groom are sent off to their new life as a married couple by the people who love them the most. The question is: how are they sent off? At Spruce Mountain Ranch, we do not allow confetti, rice, fireworks, feathers, sparklers, birdseed, or Chinese lanterns for send offs. Because some more traditional send off ideas are not permitted due to environmental hazards, we have composed a list of our “Top 10 Unique Send Off Ideas.” These are all allowed at Spruce Mountain, are environmentally friendly, and are certain to be a hit on any big day. With that, we give you our top 10!

1. Ribbon Wands

Incorporate your wedding colors with colorful ribbon wands and streamers to send off the bride and groom! Not only will the colors look cute in pictures, but the wands are also eco-friendly!

2. Bells

*For a melodic wedding send off, incorporate little bells! By personalizing with them with a ribbon, small bag, or a sticker with the bride and groom’s names, they can also double as a wedding favor!

3. Bubbles

*Using bubbles as a send off idea is timeless classic! They add a sweet, carefree touch to pictures, and they are easy to acquire in large quantities.

4. Flowers

*For a spring or summer wedding, use dried flower petals to send the bride and groom on their way! Use paper cones made of scrapbook paper or old sheet music to hold the petals, choose flowers in the wedding colors, and a sweet, seasonal send off is created!

5. Leaves

*For autumn weddings, use dried leaves instead of flower petals. The colors will add to the fall feeling of the celebration, and the leaves are environmentally friendly!

6. Little pennants

*For a chic, vintage wedding, utilize miniature pennants! Whether they are personalized with words such as “love” or marriage,” or simply made of cute fabric, they are sure to add a sweet touch to any send off!

7. Pinwheels

*Pinwheels also add a vintage, carefree feeling to a wedding send off! Send the happy couple off to their new life together with these adorable and colorful additions!

8. Glow Sticks

*For those wanting an illuminating send off, glow sticks are the perfect choice! They have a playful feel, and their colors look wonderful in night-time pictures.

9. Fiber Optic Wands

*Send off the happy couple with colorful, fiber optic wands! For those seeking a safe, fire-free version of sparklers, fiber optic wands are a perfect option!

10. Picture Cards

*What better way to send a happy couple to their honeymoon than with postcards of their honeymoon destination? Wave these sweet cards instead of pennants for a sweet foreshadowing of the couple’s upcoming adventure!

Wine and Nosh 2015

Spruce Mountain Ranch’s Annual “Wine and Nosh” Bridal Show, hosted by Sarah Viera, is always a wonderful event! Brides are able to meet potential wedding vendors and watch a stunning bridal fashion show from Something New Boutique. For those unable to attend the event, or those wanting to relive the experience, we have featured the vendors and their booths in this year’s “Wine and Nosh” blog!


The floral displays were simply stunning! They all displayed various 2015 wedding trends, including a mix of subtle and bold-colored flowers, earthy elements, wooden elements, and the “organic industrial” look. If the displays at Wine and Nosh are an indication of the florals to come this wedding season, we are very excited for the season to begin!

-Sunflower Creative-


The beautiful display by this florist featured delicate white and baby pink flowers with the added touch of metallic and antlers. This unique twist is perfect for a Colorado ranch wedding as it uses both feminine and outdoors elements!

-Newberry Brothers-

*(303) 322-0443/www.newberrybrothers.com

The Newberry Brothers used soft white roses paired with bold pops of raspberry roses and pink peonies. The contrast between subtle and bright is a 2015 floral wedding trend. The use of aspen branches and candles adds the perfect woodsy touch to the stunning flowers.

-The Garden Path-

*(303) 688-8019/www.gardenpathco.com

The Garden Path prides themselves on their floral arrangements with a European touch. Their use of sweet succulents, delicate roses, and bright pops of color make for the perfect “English garden” touch to any wedding or event. Owner Karen Novotny has been in business for 23 years and was a European-trained floral arranger for mountain and destination weddings. Not only will she ensure that the flowers for your wedding are perfect, but she is also an excellent wedding planner.

-Southern Charm Weddings and Events-

*(719) 360-1711/www.sweet-southerncharm.com

Southern Charm specializes in event rentals, floral decorations, and décor. Their booth featured a beautiful display that was both southern chic and Colorado rustic. Their elegant and yet outdoorsy pieces would be perfect for a Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding.


*(303) 500-3822/ HouseOfYonder.com

Yonder featured a large wooden farm table covered with bold, beautiful flowers! The contrast between the bright centerpieces and ivory place settings was feminine and lovely.


Spruce Mountain Ranch works with some of the best caterers from both Denver and Colorado Springs. Three of them were featured at Wine and Nosh this year, and any of the three would be a perfect choice for your ranch wedding!

-Biscuits and Berries-


Biscuits and Berries Catering offers not only a composed and excellent staff, but also unique and delicious food for any event. For Wine and Nosh, they prepared slow-smoked short ribs with black soy barbeque glaze and a vegetable garnish. They also featured Rocky Mountain Redbird Farm Chicken with a crispy corn cake topped with a poblano slaw. Both were exceptionally tender and flavorful! Their two desserts for the event were Baked Alaska with maple budino and grapefruit, and a beet meringue topped with honey goat cheese and walnuts. Their friendly and dazzling staff, paired with their wonderful food, make for the perfect wedding-day catering choice!

-Catering By Design-


Catering by Design offers a wide variety of dinner packages for events! For the show, they featured their bacon-wrapped-bacon appetizer, a roasted brussel sprout salad, and pecan-smoked salad! Their yummy food and friendly staff make for the perfect wedding!



Epicurean has been a prominent caterer in the Denver area for 32 years. Their chef, Jenna, is an expert in food innovation. Her goal is to create fresh and unique dishes with immense flavor. For their main dishes, they featured juicy Colorado steak, traditional wedge salad, and biscuits. Their desserts were Italian budino and custard. Epicurean’s innovative style and delightful staff are sure to make for a memorable Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding!

Photographers + Videographers:

-All Digital Studios-

* (303) 494-2320/www.AllDigitalStudios.com

All Digital Studios, photographer and videographer, takes “picture with personality from people with personality.” They recently celebrated 15 years of business, and they did the photography for our very own Tara Ames’ wedding! They make sure that they always have a male and female photographer at each wedding.

In addition to traditional wedding photography, they feature a photo booth and slow-motion video booth (they post the clips online and send the couple a collection of clips). Their goal is to make the day fun and to take candid and photojournalistic photos in addition to regular wedding photos.

They also do videography, and send a full-length edited DVD to the bride and groom, and post a highlight film online!

-Jamie Smith Photography-

*(719) 434-0707/www.jamiesmithphotography.com

Jamie Smith won Wedding Wire’s “Bride’s Choice Awards” for preferred photographer in 2013! Her lovely photographs are sure to capture all the special moments of your big day!

-Amanda Lamb Photography-

* (719) 648-2152/amandalambphoto.com

Amanda Lamb is a “Sentimental photographer for sassy couples!” Amanda has done multiple weddings at Spruce Mountain Ranch, and never fails to capture beautiful moments!

-Mares Productions-

*(303) 918-7725/maresproductions.biz

Mares Productions focuses on Cinema video and “telling the story of the couple.” They are both trendy-traditional and thematic. They gave away popcorn at their booth.

-Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographer-

*(303) 905-9740/www.sarahroshanphoto.com

Sarah Roshan’s photography style is self-described as “Romantic Mountain Weddings for Carefree Couples.” This photography company is available around the world for outdoor and mountain weddings!


Having the perfect wedding cake is a crucial element to any wedding. Thankfully, three excellent bakeries brought their yummy treats to Wine and Nosh for brides to sample and choose from!

-Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe and Bakery-

* (719) 930-3343/ www.sugarplumcakeshoppe.com

The Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe and Bakery is the perfect cake company for anyone seeking a unique wedding cake design! They can do anything from elegant flowers to rustic chalkboard cakes!

-The Bundt Shoppe-

*(303) 422-8638 (Castle Pines); (303) 798- 4145/ www.thebundtshoppe.com

The Bundt Shoppe specializes in delicious Bundt cakes and cupcakes, which are the perfect unique touch for any wedding!

-Gold Mine Cupcakes-

*(720) 722-0371/ www.goldminecupcakes.com

Gold Mine Cupcakes featured their wedding white and turtle cupcakes, which were fabulous! They offer free tastings and will come to you! They are located in Golden, Colorado, and feature over 20 cupcake flavors, which are sure to dazzle guests.


Having the perfect event rentals can add the perfect touch to any wedding, and is an excellent way to personalize a reception!

-Anna’s Custom Pews-

*(719) 499-6307/ www.annascustompews.com

Anna’s Custom Pews features beautiful handmade vintage-style church pews made from Colorado “beetle board.” These unique and elegant benches look beautiful in any venue, but especially outdoors at Spruce Mountain Ranch. Anna’s Custom Pews also rents lanterns, blankets, pillows, hay bales, flower holders, and a stunning wooden aisle for the bride to walk down.


Having an expert wedding planner is the most important part of creating a dream wedding. Any of the planners featured at Wine and Nosh would make for an excellent choice!

-Sarah Viera Events-

*(719) 358-3998/sarahvieraevents.com

The lovely Sarah Viera is near and dear to us at Spruce Mountain Ranch! She is a phenomenal planner with an excellent staff, in addition to being the host of Wine and Nosh! Her booth featured beautiful place settings and beautiful flowers, although this event as a whole was her creation!

-Ashley Nicole Events-


Ashley Nicole Events are an excellent team of wedding planners who will be sure to make any event a success! Their booth featured a contrast between glamour and rustic styles. Newberry Brothers did their floral centerpiece, and Yonder House provided their china and tableware. In lieu of place cards, they featured miniature cakes with guest names written on them! Ashley Nicole Events gave away pears in little bags as a guest favor.

-Events With Altitude-

*(303) 523-4174/ www.EventsWithAltitude.com

Events With Altitude is an up-and-coming wedding and event planning business, run by Spruce Mountain Ranch’s own Jen Haar! Jen is an excellent day-of coordinator who specializes in outdoor Colorado weddings! Events With Altitude gave away antique keys as a guest favor to remind brides that they are the “key to a perfect wedding!”

-Design Works Events-


Whether an affair is simple or elaborate, Design Works Events can make any dream wedding or event a reality. Not only did they design these two beautiful tables, but they helped with the décor of Wine and Nosh as a whole!

Makeup Artists:

-Magnifica Bella (Cynthia Mazzara)-

*(720) 376-1866/www.magnificabella.com

Wedding makeup artist Cynthia Mazzara is an excellent choice to achieve the perfect bridal look. Not only does she work with multiple Spruce Mountain Ranch brides, but she also did the makeup of the bridal show models!


DJs help to maintain the energy of a crowd and to keep the party going all night long! Choosing the right one for your wedding is important to keep the fun going!

-Elite DJ-

*(303) 422-3218/ www.myelitedj.com

For a DJ who also does lighting and décor for weddings and events, call Elite DJ!

-FUNction Pro DJ & Event Services-

*(719) 645-9800/www.FUNctionProDJ.com

If you want a great DJ who will make sure your guests are having a wonderful time the whole evening through, book with FUNction!


Finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important part of completing a bride’s look. Thankfully, we had the honor of hosting a wonderful boutique at Wine and Nosh that is sure to help every bride find their dream gown!

-Something New Boutique-

*(719) 282-6500/somethingnewboutique.com

Something New Boutique put on the beautiful bridal fashion show at Wine and Nosh! This show featured their exclusive Divina line, designed by owner Mindy Linscombe. Their store is located in the north area of Colorado Springs, and is what Mindy describes as the place “where [we make sure that] the girl comes before the dress!” Their store also donates a portion of their proceeds to Sak-Saum, a non-profit organization that recues women from human trafficking and gives them a new life.

Mindy recently wrote a book to help brides choose the perfect wedding dress, called Secrets of Wedding Dress Shopping. If you are in need of a wedding gown, make an appointment with Something New Boutique!

Travel Agencies:

-Gateway to Magic Travel-

If you are seeking a travel agency to assist in planning your honeymoon, consider Gateway to Magic! Not only are they experts who will ensure that your experience is one you’ll never forget, but they also donate 10% of commission from booked trips to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Beverage Caterers:

-Peak Beverage-

Peak Beverage is not only the sole beverage service that Spruce Mountain Ranch uses, but it is also fabulous! Their affordable pricing and highly trained staff will ensure a wonderful evening! They offered wine tastings at Wine and Nosh with wine experts for consultation. Their staff also sampled the slow-motion video booth from All-Digital studios!


-Limousine Services, Inc.-

*(719) 634-8119

This beautiful 1959 Rolls Royce was brought by Silver Cloud Car! This was the car used at our very own Tara Ames’ wedding- we loved having this vintage beauty at Wine and Nosh!

Wedding Trends of 2015:

With the new wedding season in 2015 come new trends for the year. We at Spruce Mountain Ranch have asked a few of our favorite wedding planners to share what they anticipate the most popular wedding elements for this year will be. We have interviewed Nicole Cruse from Ashley Nicole Events, Kerri Butler from A Touch of Bliss, and Casey Muller from Pink Diamond Events, and they have been kind enough to share their thoughts with us!

Trends for 2015:

1. Kerri Butler, A Touch of Bliss, shares that one thing becoming more popular this season is the “Organic Industrial style– we have seen a merging of the natural styling of greenery and hard metals, orbs, and such in wedding design. It works so beautifully in rustic venues, such as Spruce Mountain Ranch.”

2. Kerri also anticipates that another recurring element in the 2015 season will be “Alternative ways to wear floral – out with the traditional bouquet. Brides and bridesmaids are donning arm bracelets that drip to the floor because they are full of floral and ribbon, hair garlands, and even sashes of flowers worn like a pashmina!”

3. Another rustic décor item that seems to be emerging more commonly this year is “Wood, wood, and more wood,” Butler shares. “Colorado couples are embracing the availability of wooden farm tables, wooden chairs, wooden chuppahs, and more! Rustic is here to stay, and décor and rental companies are following suit!

4. The final wedding trend that Kerri predicts will only continue to grow is the use of food trucks. She says that, “Food trucks are even bigger this year! Bringing a food truck to your reception, or having one for a late night snack is very hot! From tacos to ice cream, couples love for their guests to be served truck-side!”

5. Nicole Cruse of Ashley Nicole Events shares the next trend for 2015. She explains that, “The biggest trend that we’re looking at for 2015 is about incorporating elements from our couples’ homes or their families’ homes. Pictures of parents, grandparents, and other important family members are always a nice personal touch to honor those support systems in a couple’s lives, but now couples are taking it one step further. Maybe it’s having a family member’s saddle strung over the banister of the stairwell, or utilizing a family Bible in the service. Other things we’re seeing are pieces of artwork made by family members used as décor. Also, specific bottles of wine that families have celebrated Christmases and Thanksgivings with are popping up on Peak Beverage’s orders for the wedding day table-service. It’s the same idea of personalizing a couple’s wedding day, but instead of cocktail napkins with the couple’s names and wedding date on them, it’s physical items from their homes and lives that they want to share with their guests.”

6. Cruse also explains that technology is playing an increasingly important role in weddings. She shares that, “Hash tags are still going strong as a part of weddings, but a new spin is tagging to the hash tag throughout the planning process with “teasers.” Snippet pictures of a bride’s shoes, or a photo of the couple getting their marriage license are some of the first tags we’re seeing on couples’ wedding hash tags. From a planner’s perspective, this is super fun, because we get to share in a couple’s excitement, not only about their wedding day, but also about the planning process. I love that it helps to build up the anticipation for the big day, and it helps get a couple’s guests excited for what they will be a part of.”

7. Finally, Nicole shares her anticipation about the colors for 2015 weddings. She explains that, “One of the trends that I’m really excited about in 2015 are the upcoming color palettes. Seemingly, 2014 was all about pastels, neutrals, and creams with warm mixed metals, tarnished silvers, and antique golds. I’m really excited to see these carried through to 2015, but elevated. We’re seeing these light colors as the base for a palette, but with the introduction of pops of deep, bold jewel-toned colors. For example, last year we saw a lot of loose, organic and whimsical bouquets with ivory garden roses, blush pink peonies, gray dusty miller, curly willow, pink coffee berries, white hydrangea, and such. This year, I think we will see this as well, but maybe with an added burgundy mum to the more subtle tones. I love how much dimension and depth these darker colors add to bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral displays.”

8. Casey Muller of Pink Diamond Events also shares her thoughts on upcoming color trends in 2015. She explains that the palettes for this year will be a continuation of last year’s colors, including “weddings with gold and metallic,” which were also very popular in 2014.

9. Muller also shares that wedding themes based off of other countries and cultures will grow in popularity this season. She anticipates more Italian-themed weddings will happen to follow suit with George Clooney’s Italian nuptials. She also expects to see more French-countryside style weddings emerging this season.

10. The next trend that Casey shared with us is in relation to wedding gowns. She anticipates seeing more wedding dresses with long sleeves, as well as more gowns with illusion-style backs. The dress is such an important part of the wedding day, and new trends in this area are always exciting!

11. Muller also explains that large statement pieces at weddings are growing in popularity, such as something “like a large flower wall.” These elements will certainly add something special to a wedding reception!

12. Finally, Casey Muller shares that the place of food and alcohol in a reception is changing to fit the large microbrewery culture in Colorado. She explains that at cocktail hours, “Miniature home-style appetizers will be paired with microbrew drinks (think mini grilled cheese with a porter-style beer as a pair.)”

** A warm, Spruce Mountain Ranch “thank you” to:

-Kerri Butler, A Touch of Bliss: http://www.touchofblissevents.com/, 720-560-6506

-Nicole Cruse, Ashley Nicole Events: www.ashleynicoleevents.com, 651-319-2660

-Casey Muller, Pink Diamond Events: http://www.apinkdiamondevent.com/, 970-692-1645

** We at Spruce Mountain Ranch so appreciate the advice of these wonderful women, and encourage anyone seeking a wedding planner to contact them!

** To see more of these beautiful trends in action at Spruce Mountain Ranch, please visit: http://instagram.com/sprucemountainranch/