Finding “The Dress”: Tips for Purchasing a Wedding Gown

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The word “wedding” strikes a different chord in each of us, and causes us to think of various aspects of romantic nuptials. This word, for some, conjures images of roses, stain-glassed chapels, and clever cake toppers. For the bride, however, one particular aspect of planning a wedding stands above the rest: the dress. Almost from the time a girl can talk, she dreams of her wedding dress, envisioning the day when she will wear the most wonderful, special gown of her life. A woman’s wedding dress is not merely a gown. It is a statement of her individuality, a declaration of who she is. Whether it be short and biker-chic, or a classic Cinderella ball gown, this is the piece of clothing that speaks to her personality. Thus, finding “the dress” is critical. Acquiring the perfect gown requires time, thought, and patience. Brides who have succeeded in their search would likely agree that the final outcome was well worth the work.  Along the way, however, several questions arise that brides are unsure of the answer to. How much time do I need? Who should I take with me? What styles fit who I am? Thankfully, Anna Walsh of Anna Be’s in Denver has plenty of insightful advice for searching brides.

The first thing to remember when looking for a gown is to have realistic expectations. While it’s easy to become carried away with emotions, it’s best to walk into an appointment relaxed. Anna advises brides “To have fun. To come in with an open mind. To be okay with letting herself fall in love with an unexpected choice – many brides surprise themselves with the dress that they end up selecting.” By being open-minded, brides may find that their perfect dress is one they would not have otherwise considered. Staying calm and enjoying the experience rather than stressing over it also make it easy to fall in love with the perfect gown. If a bride becomes anxious, it’s important to remember, says Anna, that finding “The dress is a process. When selecting your dress, recognize that it’s a relationship. When we work with brides, we’re there from the selection process all the way up to the wedding day! We can provide advice on styling the entire look, provide recommendations for alterations, and be the support that a bride so often needs.”

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Allowing enough time to find the right dress is important and will reduce stress on the bride. When asked how much time to allow for purchasing a dress, Anna says “Once you find the dress that you love, I think it’s the right time to get the dress!” She also explains that “(it) will take about 3-5 months for production (each dress is only cut and sewn once it is ordered) and then once the dress arrives we recommend another 2 months for alterations… But if a bride has a compressed time frame there are definitely quicker options available: off-the-rack, rushing a dress, or buying a sample gown.” Thus, allowing for several months is ideal, but brides with a time limit have plenty of options.

Another of the many questions that surface when searching for “the dress”, is What if I don’t find “the one”? Anna, who has reassured countless brides as a professional in the industry, encourages brides to “To take a breath and think about what “the one” is for her. Often times once we know if there is an image in the bride’s head or a specific feel that she is going for, we can help the bride find the right dress for her vision.” Stress only makes it harder to find the perfect dress! If a bride is still unsure, bridal consultants are more than willing to offer advice, Anna explains. “We work with brides to help them figure out what they do desire in a dress. As the bride starts trying on dresses, it becomes pretty clear what she likes and what she feels good in. Once we start knowing that bit of information we can then help guide the bride to finding her dress!” Finding the perfect wedding gown may seem stressful and uncertain, but remaining calm, being patient, and enjoying the process make it worth every minute.

A special thanks to Anna Walsh of Anna Be’s! Anna is a close friend of Spruce Mountain Ranch, and owns the store where Tara Ames purchased her wedding gown. For more information about Anna’s store, visit

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